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Krav Maga is The Israeli word for contact combat


Are you looking to learn self defence for the real world in a no-nonsense environment, to increase your situational awareness and to be able to protect those closest to you ?


Then learn from one of the UK's most senior Krav Maga Instructors. With over 16 years of experience Tony Bradley has been teaching authentic Krav Maga to remarkable people, just like you!


Tony Bradley

Tony Bradley has been teaching Krav Maga since 2002. He teaches both basic and advanced Krav Maga skills to civilians, police, prison officers, members of our armed forces including former SAS and special forces soldiers and private security operatives including Ultra high net worth security teams.

Leaning authentic Krav Maga for real world self defence in a no-nonsense environment to instill confidence and awareness can be a life enhancing experience where skills learned stay learned for a lifetime.

  • Mission - To deliver high quality real world training
  • Skills - High level teaching skills, experience and practical ability with excellent results
  • Clients - Professional security teams and highly motivated individuals


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Private classes & Inductions

1 to 1 or for groups up to 4 people. One to one inductions or private classes.


Weekly classes

Midweek and evening classes for 2019.

Bury & Radcliffe


2 & 3 day Courses

3 Day basic, dealing with the most common attacks and a 2 Day knife defence course.

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Bespoke courses

Times and dates to suit

Police, military, security or civilians who require in depth training tailored for your own needs or tasking requirements.

Saturday Classes

New Format Class!

Next Class 8th December - 10am

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Tony Bradley

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