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3rd Party Protection.

Self Defence For Security Patrol Officers.

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Knifes and Edged Weapons.

Ladies Self Defence.


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Abbreviations have been used for security reasons. If you are a security unit responsible for Ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals or similar and wish to contact Jim to validate his feedback and his own accreditations then please contact me here so that I may pass your details on.

GPIL Corporate Training Days: Wednesday 18 - Friday 20 January 2017 Whitley Boxing Club - Reading

The GPIL security officers look after a private UHNW family and associated estate. Having trained individually with Tony on a couple of previous occasions I asked him if he would organise and conduct a defensive technique training day for my team.

The team was split down and attended one of 3 back to back intensive one day courses. It was a busy day; 8 hours of quality training. The course was structured to be progressive and realistic whilst being both physically and mentally demanding. Tony's high level of teaching skill, experience and practical ability ensured that the learning curve, although fast and steep at times, was achievable for every member of the team. The team ages range from 30 to 65.

The days training required each individual to display a degree of physical fortitude and mental resolve whilst demonstrating the techniques that had been taught. It was extremely beneficial for me as the team leader to train alongside my entire team over the 3 days and personally be able to see everybody dealing with the, sometimes, harsh, physical and stressful scenario training drills throughout the day as the course progressed. I feel that the training days, as a whole, have strengthened my team and moved them forward professionally. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Tony for his perseverance and unwavering commitment to ensure that every individual team member was worked to the highest level within their own capabilities and achieved the maximum personal development that could be gained within the allocated time.

Thanks Tony.

Best regards,

Jim H.

GPIL Security Team Lead.

Footnote: GPIL draws its security staff from the best of the British Army and special forces including a large contingent from the Gurkha regiments as well as the police and prison service. Great effort guys and see you all again soon.



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I wanted to give you a little feedback from the training day myself and the Residential Security Team did with you on the 20th Jan. Personally I found the course thoroughly enjoyable. One day obviously only scratches the surface but what we did cover was appropriate for many situations that we could potentially find ourselves in. I particularly like the intensity and aggression that is put into your sessions and feel it is important as this is exactly how we must practice in order to prepare for real life scenarios. The facilities were excellent and all the kit provided was more than sufficient.

I cannot fault anything about the day and I wish you all the success for the future, keep up the great work.

Many thanks.

Matt N. (RST Supervisor)


We are as last group on the day 20th of Jan Friday had an extra memorable day, cause that 1 day defensive training we learnt with ‘Krav Maga’ on the day was unforgettable, demanding and beneficial for all. It was harder day but enjoyable, I enjoyed throughout day even my energy had drained and damaged my right thumb but it is good ‘without pain nothing gain'. I know more people were exhausted, bruised because of age factors plus in one day, we were learning alots! Sometimes hard to pick up the patterns although everyone had good determination and didn't loose their concentrations.

Now we are little able to defend ourselves, protect to our love one and face with real situation. Significant defensive techniques 6 strike, vulnerable points, determinations and sharpening awareness all were great, more practice is necessary, So thank you very much for your excellent teaching skills, probably I would say it is indeed in one day we learnt for life. It wasn’t possible to do this without your hard work, planning and preparation for day lesson.

Lastly, on behalf of RST It is good opportunity to say thank you very much to ‘Jim’  without your management and liaise with Tony  it was not possible to get this chances and benefits for the team, appreciated.

Mr Bradly and your Krav Maga self defence team All the bests.

With Best Regards

Chandra R (Former Gurkha)


Dear Tony, We learned new things and i believe this can be useful in real life situations and for self defence. Overall the training was very good.

Kind regards,

Jit T. (Former Gurkha)



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