The Small Print

KMSD prices itself in line with the principles laid down by Imi Sde-Or in that we believe Krav Maga should be attainable to everyone, young and old, man and woman. While we are aware some clubs charge less, we would say students should check the credentials of these clubs and the qualifications of their instructors. If these clubs or instructors can not prove direct links to Israel then most definitely you are not being taught Krav Maga.


Personal Accident and General Liability Insurance

KMSD is a member of NAKMAS and as such it is a compulsory obligation that all members have the appropriate General Liability and Personal Accident Insurance in place. Details of these policies can be found from a KMSD instructor or by going to The cost of this insurance is £15.00 annually and is payable upon enrolment to KMSD.


Standing order, course, seminar or service cancellation

Standing orders can be cancelled at any time. All of the above plans are based on a 48-week year. All courses and seminars are limited to a maximum number of attendees. In the event of a customer booking a course, seminar or service and then wishing to cancel that course, seminar or service then a sufficient period of time must be given in order to allow their course or seminar allocation to be offered for resale.

In the event the customers course, seminar or service booking allocation is successfully resold by us then the customer will be allocated to the next available course of their choice. Course and seminars are transferable and may be offered for re-sale providing written permission (e-mail, fax or letter) is sought from ourselves. Any bookings that are transferred are transferred subject to our course and seminar customer acceptance policy and shall be subject to the discretion of the Company. In the event the customers course, seminar or service booking allocation can not be resold or remains unsold then in order to cover our expected losses from the cancellation of the booking there is a set scale of charges which must be paid by you if you or anyone booking the course, seminar or service with you cancels. These charges are calculated on the full course fee regardless of any discounts.

Period before start date within which notice of cancellation is received

% of total booking price

21 working days or more

Loss of deposit (minimum 40%)

14-20 working days

60% (if greater than deposit)

7-13 working days


6 working days or less


All courses, seminars and services are non-refundable unless in the event of course cancellation. Credit notes issued when applicable. Working days are Monday to Friday.


Terms and Conditions

KMSD reserve the right to dismiss or withdraw, at any time, any person or participant from the course without reimbursement who fails to show a satisfactory level of control and as such is believed to represent a danger or risk to either themselves or other course participants with regards to the training and the techniques taught/learnt. We ask that in particular all students, at all times show a good level of self discipline with regards to the health and safety and general well being of the other course participants and training partners. While we accept that a level of realism and intensity is required these levels are determined by KMSD operating staff and any student who continually fails to heed the advice or warnings to adhere to these levels will be dismissed from the course. Any course participant taking a dislike or disfavour to any other course participant should notify KMSD operating staff at the soonest opportunity stating in brief and the strictest confidence the reason why. The course enrolment form should be returned as soon as is possible and certainly within 10 days of booking/paying. Failure to declare medical conditions or criminal history will result in being dismissed or withdrawn from the course without reimbursement. Any person enrolling on the course with any disabilities must contact KMSD prior to or directly upon booking to discuss their disability and if needed any requirements. While KMSD makes every effort to ensure that each course will run we are not liable for any costs incurred to 3rd parties in the event that a course is cancelled. Any party needing to book hotels, flights or similar expenses should firstly check the cancellation policies for those services with regards to refunds and speak directly to KMSD to ascertain what if any likelihood a course may be cancelled. Courses are generally confirmed 4 weeks prior to the start date, although in some extremes this maybe as late as 2 weeks.




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