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Saturday Sessions Restarting 26th October

26th October

We start at 9am and finish 12 noon, the cost will be £24 for the full 3 hours.

As extended sessions we cover all aspects of Kapap Krav Maga. Expect the sessions to kick off with core elements skills such as blocking and counter attacking or dealing with chokes and grabs. We’ll then follow the problem through from the most basic defence to the most advanced teaching techniques such as applying leverage’s, pain compliance or takedowns.

These 3 hour extended sessions will not only allow us to work on defence but to also flip the coin and look at transferring our skills to an attacking state of mind. Its all part of the Kapap Krav Maga mind-set in that if we’re teaching you to disarm a firearm then we’ll teach you how to use that firearm, If we’re teaching you to defend a punch, it stands we’re going to teach you how to punch and so on.

Physical techniques aside you can also expect a good session (30mins) concentrating on developing our fighting skills through pad-work and dynamic movement. Applying multiple counter attacks such as kicks, punches and elbows, learning to strike the vulnerable areas of the body.

And of course Krav wouldn’t be Krav if we didn’t finish with some pressure testing. Its all well and good being able to defend yourself in the “Dojo” but we need you to be able to defend yourself in the street and that’s where our realistic stress training comes in giving you the confidence to perform when it most matters.

These sessions cater for all levels as we step through from the most basic to the advanced. If you wish to book your place go to the website at If you have any questions feel free to ask.

New Name, Same Teachings!

A few people have asked me why I recently changed the name of my Facebook page and website. Well the truth is I'm seeing that much crap that claims to be Krav Maga it's time to differentiate between the good, the bad and the stuff that will just get you killed. As a club the Kapap philosophy (as taught by Avi Nardia, Albert Timen) has been part of our Krav Maga core system since 2005. The fundamental principles of Kapap and the applied techniques create a far more dynamic system where the 3 sides of the Kapap triangle are central to what I teach and have been teaching for many years. The name may have changed to but the teachings and the courses I offer remain the same. Authentic, realistic Israeli Martial Arts learnt at source in Israel.

A little bit of advice....if your thinking of doing Krav Maga, Kapap or any other system which claims to be from Israel then checkout the instructors/clubs history. If you can't easily find their training record then most likely they don't have one or their to embarrassed to name the people they have trained with and learnt from. If you can't link an instructor back to Israel then my advice would be to find one you can! There are more 3 and 5 day courses offering an “Krav Maga instructor qualification" now it's laughable ??? Do you really want to learn from someone who's done a 5 day course and has never trained since??? And one final point! Even if you find an Israeli instructor who claims to be qualified by the military because of his service then ask for his letter of recommendation or service certificate because as shameful as it is not everyone who serves and claims to be "special forces" is!!! It's your life in their hands, take the time to research the club and instructor and ASK for evidence of what and who they say they are is true or it won't just be money your losing.

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