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May 2017

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Krav Maga!

Krav Maga ? Never heard of it before I went to one of Tony’s classes 3 years ago. The best self defence there is taught by a best Krav Maga teacher in the UK don’t believe me, look at his profile for yourself with links to Israel, 16 years experience of Krav Maga say no more. Tony brings the best out of you physically and mentally at every lesson and you always leave with a smile on your face. Krav Maga is not like any other self defence you have to choose the best to learn the best. Krav Maga is getting bigger in the UK now but one word of advice before joining a club do your research does the teacher have any links to Israel what’s his/her background, read there profile as nowadays there’s too many fakes around teaching cr@p.

Rob P

Partners flat robbed!

One day after my partners flat was broken into and robbed, with the police calling around today and after spending a night in fear its time to get the locks smith around!

I doubt if there’s much things worse than going away for a day and then arriving back home with that sneaking suspicion that’s someone’s been in your house. With no signs of break-in or forced entry the realisation that things have been moved and disturbed confirmed by the fact that jewellery boxes and lose cash have gone. Maybe they had a key, maybe they picked the lock. They gained entry to the block and then to the flat! How does that happen during the day?!?! Robbers seeking the smaller items only or professionals building an inventory of the larger items in the flat for another time.

What can you legally do if and when an intruder enters your home?


Well done!

A very well done and a big deserving ‘whoop’ to those who completed the last 5 Day Intensive Krav Maga course held in Radcliffe the week before. I’ll shortly be writing to you asking for any feedback which you may have for me but once more…...Very well done!


Refresher training

Saturday 13th May 2017- Start 12:30 – Finish 4:30

As I mentioned last month, with the warmer weather approaching and spring in the air our weekend refresher sessions run the risk of low attendance while people rediscover gardening and other spring time pastimes. Personally I’d prefer staying fit and getting toned for my summer holds with a good session of Krav over washing the car but that’s just me

Opps, My Bad!

Apologies to those who attended last month. I’ve just remembered I did say I would send out the notes on Situational Awareness and Threat Assessment. I totally forgot but will send it out hopefully later on today

Respect Martial Arts

1-3 Adelphi Street Radcliffe, Manchester M26 4ES

to book your place on the refresher course



New 3 day basic self-defence course

15th June 2017 Radcliffe, Manchester


If you would love to learn self defence but the thought of a 5 Day Intensive course scares you then this 3 day course running Thursday to Saturday will be more to your liking.

This new 3 day Krav Maga self defence course is taught in a low to medium intensity environment. Providing an introduction to Krav Maga and street self defence. Suited to all levels the course deals with the most common street attacks and problems which, as members of the general public we are most likely to experience in our every day lives.

For more details visit


5 Day Intensive self defence courses

Book now and save £100


14th August 2017 - Radcliffe, Manchester

28th August 2017 - Reading, Berkshire.

Course Description

These 5 Day Krav Maga courses are for those people serious about learning self defence for the real world. They are not for the faint-hearted. A strong mind set and a degree of stamina will be required! These courses are taught at a low to high intensity level.

In Krav Maga there is a saying that 'one solution will solve many problems'. Longer sessions such as our 5 Day Krav Maga courses allow students to better understand and see how one technique applied against a knife can also be applied against a gun and even a punch, this is what we call cross training and the benefits to the students can be beyond reproach.

Course Mission

This event is a 5 Day Intensive Krav Maga Self Defence course where all aspects of the Krav Maga Syllabus will be taught including both basic and advanced Krav Maga techniques. In simple terms, you will learn everything you need to know for defence in the street!

For more information visit


New private classes & bespoke courses

Private Classes

From one to one or for groups up to 4 people. These private classes will suit individuals who find it difficult to attend refresher training or who simply just want to perfect their techniques.



Bespoke Courses

Police, military, security or civilians who require in depth training tailored for your own needs or tasking requirements. Taught through out the UK


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