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April 2017

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Government guidance

Recognising the terrorist threat

With the London attacks still on everyone’s mind here’s the updated advice from the Government National Counter Terrorism Security Office. The first few paragraphs are ideally suited to individuals and then more to companies/employers

Refresher training

Saturday 15th April2017-Start 12:30 – Finish 4:30

As so often happens at this time of the year weekend training starts to die off with preference given to sunny, warmer weather activities with the family. Most years the monthly seminars etc have ceased in April but this year I’ve decide to schedule one more Refresher Training session for the 13th May. Future sessions will depend on how well this one in April and the one in May is attended.

In the next session I would also like to discuss and build on situational awareness and personal threat assessment and how we can be more alert not only to street attacks but terrorist attacks as happened in London. As civilians in a country where its forbidden to carry the tools (firearms) to be able to stop a vehicle-borne attack using situational awareness and establishing some basic Immediate Action drills can be the difference between life or death

Respect Martial Arts

1-3 Adelphi Street Radcliffe, Manchester M26 4ES

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5 Day intensive self defence course

Due to two cancellations I now have places available on the next 5 Day Course. If your interested in attending there is still time to book!

The course was fun, very challenging but rewarding. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to build their confidence and self awareness. However, it is definitely not for the faint hearted.

I ached all over by the final day but also felt a real sense if achievement. I would recommend to anyone, male or female.

Andy J

24th April Radcliffe, Manchester

Respect Martial Arts

1-3 Adelphi Street Radcliffe, Manchester M26 4ES

New 3 day basic self-efence course

15th June 2017 Radcliffe, Manchester

This new 3 day Krav Maga self defence course is taught in a low to medium intensity environment. Providing an introduction to Krav Maga and street self defence. Suited to all levels the course deals with the most common street attacks and problems which, as members of the general public we are most likely to experience in our every day lives.

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New private classes & bespoke courses

Private Classes

From one to one or for groups up to 4 people. These private classes will suit individuals who find it difficult to attend refresher training or who simply just want to perfect their techniques.


Bespoke Courses

Police, military, security or civilians who require in depth training tailored for your own needs or tasking requirements. Taught through out the UK


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