Refresher classes

You've trained hard to develop your skills. You've spent your hard earned cash to get where you are. Your instincts are toned and your reflexes polished so don't let it all go to waste now.

Refresher Training is just that. It allows you to stay on top of your game, to improve your skills where necessary and to keep those reflexes sharp, we train every two weeks!


Training Details


Location - Respect Martial Arts Training Centre at 1-3 Adelphi St, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 4ES.

Cost - £12.00 for the 2 hours.

Timings - Start 12:00pm. Finish 2:00pm

These sessions run every two weeks

To book your place simply select an option below.
Saturday 19th May No Class
Saturday 2nd June
Saturday 16th June

These sessions now run every two weeks!

Conditions And Prerequisites


Attendees must have some basic knowledge of Krav including the ability to simultaneously block and counter while applying a body defence against outside attacks and know at least one of the 5 basic inside defences. If you are an absolute beginner and wish to join these sessions then a 1 hour basic Krav Induction will be needed

Payment at time of booking or pay on the day but text me to know your coming in advance.

Max number 10 participants.



Feel free to contact us

Tony Bradley

Mobile 07957 624399

Email me at KMSD@KravMagaSelfDefence.Org