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GPIL Corporate Training Days: Wednesday 18 - Friday 20 January 2017 Whitley Boxing Club - Reading

The GPIL security officers look after a private UHNW family and associated estate. Having trained individually with Tony on a couple of previous occasions I asked him if he would organise and conduct a defensive technique training day for my team.

The team was split down and attended one of 3 back to back intensive one day courses. It was a busy day; 8 hours of quality training. The course was structured to be progressive and realistic whilst being both physically and mentally demanding. Tony's high level of teaching skill, experience and practical ability ensured that the learning curve, although fast and steep at times, was achievable for every member of the team. The team ages range from 30 to 65.

The days training required each individual to display a degree of physical fortitude and mental resolve whilst demonstrating the techniques that had been taught. It was extremely beneficial for me as the team leader to train alongside my entire team over the 3 days and personally be able to see everybody dealing with the, sometimes, harsh, physical and stressful scenario training drills throughout the day as the course progressed. I feel that the training days, as a whole, have strengthened my team and moved them forward professionally. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Tony for his perseverance and unwavering commitment to ensure that every individual team member was worked to the highest level within their own capabilities and achieved the maximum personal development that could be gained within the allocated time.

Thanks Tony.

Best regards,

Jim H.

GPIL Security Team Lead.

Footnote: GPIL draws its security staff from the best of the British Army and special forces including a large contingent from the Gurkha regiments as well as the police and prison service. Great effort guys and see you all again soon. Tony


Some reviews from our 2018 Courses.


Hullo Sir, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course last week - the professional level of instruction, the wonderful delivery, and not least the enjoyable camaraderie you built. Thank you Tony. I will hopefully see you again on another one of your courses or in the Saturday classes.

Ste D.


Hi Tony, Just to say thanks for an excellent course. All though its listed as a basic course, I learn so much and feel I finished the course a more confident and skilled Kravist.

Rash M.


I found the course challenging which is what I liked & expected as I have never done any form of martial arts before. It is definitely not for the faint hearted but having a good level of fitness got me through it, plus there was a great crowd of people there, some who had knowledge, who helped out, some who had never done Krav Maga before and we were all treated the same, they were a pleasure to train with. All the kit and the weapons were new and very realistic to train with but would not cause you any damage. Tony covered everything we asked for, he explained all the techniques very well and went over anything we asked him to, he was very professional, great to work with and the course was well structured. I enjoyed going every day, it shuts out everything else going on in your life as there is that much to learn and take in you haven't got time to think! Doing this course has definitely made me more aware and more confident in myself.

Sue M.


I loved the course, it took me massively out of my comfort zone emotionally and physically but that's where growth happens! Truthfully I felt slightly worried when I got home on Monday that was I wasn't going to be able to keep up with the pace and have the grit to actually finish the course but I dug deep and that feeling shifted by Tuesday.

The pace is fast, at times head spinningly so. For me personally I would of preferred to not cover guns and sticks, it felt like too much information (despite the techniques all actually being similar). I also felt the chances of me being attacked with a gun or stick were minimal (cue me being shot tonight!).

Interacting with training partners was fine, you quickly ascertain if there are people you need to avoid and surreptitiously do so. Most people were great and on the same page. I was shocked and unprepared for how badly I would bruise and how painful my arms were, but there's no way around that.

I found your teaching style slightly abrasive at first but I quickly realised this is due to the nature of what you teach and the amount that needs to be covered. I liked the fact you are no nonsense and fair - I thought you were an excellent teacher.

The environment was fine, it did the job. The location was great, it was safe and easy to park.

Overall the course was brilliant, challenging, empowering and tough! I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely do it again. I've also made some new friends which I never expected and I now have a new pastime and skill. I would recommend it to everyone. You feel so much more confident after doing it. I hope you'll do refresher courses as I would definitely be interested. Thanks for your guidance and patience.

Laura K.


Course pace seemed to be just right to me, everything flowed and of course the content was in a logical order, this was one advantage over weekly lessons as like me most would miss a few here and there. I found one technique lead logically to another. Training partners varied, we had some that held back a bit and some went a little over the top but that's going to happen with a random cohort of people! >

Your style I personally think is what makes the course successful, your understanding of learning speeds, individual strengths and weaknesses, humour, anecdotes and above all experience make me want to keep coming back.

The training environment catered for our needs, nothing was lacking, facilities were good, shame about the mirrors though!

In summary, perfectly balanced content for beginner or a refresher, the most important asset is Tony's experience, patience, experience and knowledge. The anecdotes, you remember, the humour keeps you going. Tony's understanding of individual students needs make all the difference, he has not only the depth of knowledge of Krav Maga but most importantly of training and understanding people, skills which could transferable in any sphere of teaching.

Craig W.


The 5 day course was quality, delivery and content excellent. My body is f*cked this week apart from that everything is good.

Cheers Jim H (SF, PST, CPO)


Top course mate. Still recovering. Would recommend it to anyone. Two of my friends are interested. U should advise students to take protein drinks to aid recovery. Anymore intense and faster and I would have fallen apart. Content was varied and very interesting.

I recommend It highly. Many Thanks.

Russell J.


Great 5 days course. Got to learn so much as the week went on. Physically and mentally tough but well worth it. Recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Krav Maga the right way!

Tony's tuition was second to none, you have to be fully committed just like he is. I can't wait to get on another course in the near future.

Phil P.


The pace was good and well balanced, between periods of hard work and then easier work to allow some recovery.

The interaction across the whole group and all training partners was great. I think the balance was about right for me. Although, it's always difficult to cater for every individual. May be the ladies and the occasional man should be encouraged to be a little more focussed and aggressive. This would prepare them more for a real life situation. There was a lot of content on the course. I think there should have been a few more sessions with pads, as it gives those not used to contact more appreciation of the feeling and force required. May be a little blast out session at the end of day's 3 and 4. To be fair your knowledge, instruction, involvement and pace were spot on. A great introduction to Krav Maga. Totally exceeded my expectations. I would recommend it to everyone.

Richard S.


I found the course very good (hopefully i never have to use any of the techniques..), think there was a good mix of people on the course, which I imagine is extremely important. It was the first time I've ever done so much martial arts training, so I haven't got anything to compare it to. But I thought it was great how it was structured to scenarios that might happen and techniques that could be useful and kept it real.

Helena P.


The course was a great experience and if I would live in Manchester I would definitely join your regular classes. Will train the things we did with a friend. And maybe join another course sometime in the future to refresh and improve the techniques.

Oliver R. (Germany)


I had a really good week last week - admittedly it was far harder and more 'hands-on' than I thought it would be, and I did wonder if I could survive the week (!) but I wouldn't have learnt so much any other way. I thought you structured the course brilliantly - just the right pace of new learning mixed with practising what we had done on previous days. I also thought you had really good control of the mix of personalities and levels on the course. You pitched it exactly right throughout - in terms of making the scenarios as real and serious as possible, but adding in a bit of humour for a bit of light relief. I was amazed by quite how many bruises I had by the end of the week but all now on the mend and both forearm and thumb feeling better so was pleased I checked them out, wrapped them up and carried on. Overall, a superb class, maybe not for the feint-hearted, or those without the fitness, but came out the other end feeling a real sense of achievement.

Jonny I.


I found the five day course a fantastic introduction to the skill. The course covered all the main hand to hand fighting techniques, as well as self defence against knife and other weapons. However, don't expect an easy ride, its challenging and will push you out of your comfort zone; at the end you will have a real sense of achievement. Tony's enthusiasm and teaching methods enables students to surpass their own expectations. If you want to learn Krav correctly, in a short space of time, this is the course for you. 

Mark A.


The best guys doing the best form of self defence I've ever seen. Highly knowledgeable, great teachers and a great training facility. That's why I do a 100 mile round trip. Nobody does it better in the UK.

Tim E.


Down to earth realistic training with a passionate no nonsense instructor without the politics and costs associated with many Krav Maga organizations. Highly recommended if your work relies on you dealing with violence and confrontation everyday but equally suitable for those wanting to defend themselves and their family.

Brian B.


After training with a couple of other Krav coaches i decided to train with Tony and got to say his no nonsense approach to teaching was 1st rate. Tony says it how it is and it really works with a reality based self defence, nothing fancy just the stuff that works. I would recommend KMNW to any one wanting a real self defence system.

Paul A.




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