Weekly Krav Maga training

Classes in Radcliffe, Manchester


Class Timetable

Every Tuesday and Friday.

Tuesdays Radcliffe Description Focuses on
6:15pm-7:00pm KravBo (Box-fit) A healthy cardiovascular lesson designed for fitness and fun. Based on boxing and common mixed martial arts striking combinations and drills. Designed to develop balanced movement, footwork and coordination using classic combative strikes such as punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Fitness, toning, movement, balance, coordination leading to increased stamina, strength and endurance.
7:00pm-8:15pm Krav Maga Core Components A self defence core component class covering the fundamental skills of the Krav Maga combat system. Learn how to block, counter strike, defeat chokes, grabs, and defend yourself from knife attacks etc whilst having fun and getting fit. Training self defence and building street fighting skills for the purpose of personal safety using dynamic movement and proven combative techniques while increasing self awareness and confidence utilising the bodies natural rhythm and coordination.
8:15pm-9:00pm Krav Maga Advanced Skills Covering more specialised areas within the Krav Maga hand to hand combat system by teaching and learning elements such as masking, takedowns, leverage’s, lead-away's, dynamic movement, focused striking and dealing with high stress techniques to increase fitness, endurance and stamina. Training advanced Krav Maga street fighting and restraint techniques

Location Details

Respect Martial Arts Training Centre

1-3 Adelphi St, Radcliffe, Manchester

M26 4ES.(Map)



Class Prices

Main Class

Krav Maga Core Components £8.00 (Class length 1Hr15Mins)

Other classes and combined options

Kravbo Box-fit £5.00 (Class length 45Mins)

Kravbo and Krav Maga Core Components £11.00 (Class length 2Hrs)

Krav Maga Core Components and Advanced Skills £12.00 (Class length 2Hrs)

All three classes in one evening £13.00 (Class length 2Hrs45Mins)

Before attending the advanced class students must be able to perform the 4 core component techniques shown here (video clip) or have attended one of the various intensive courses offered.



Conditions And Prerequisites

Classes are mixed and are adults only aged 18 and above. 16 to 17 year olds with signed permission from parent or guardian.

Student enrolment form must be completed on first session attendance. (Download)

After 2 welcome sessions students are required to purchase club membership and insurance at £15.00 (renewable annually)

If you are an absolute beginner and require an extra confidence booster try my 1 hour basic Krav Induction

Feel free to contact me

Tony Bradley

Mobile 07957 624399

Email me at kravmaga@kmsd.co.uk