Weekly Krav Maga training

Classes in Radcliffe, Manchester

Your first class is free


Class Timetable

Tuesdays Radcliffe Description Focuses on
6:15pm-7:00pm KravBo Box-fit A drop-in* class designed primarily for fitness and building striking skills. Designed to develop the students ability to strike with punches, kicks, elbows and knees etc developing power, balanced movement, rhythm, pace and coordination using classic combative strikes. Fitness, toning, movement, balance, coordination all of which leads to increased stamina, strength and endurance.
7:00pm-8:15pm Kapap Krav Maga A Kapap Krav Maga self defence class covering all elements and fundamental skills of the combat system. Learn how to defend yourself against all styles and types of street attacks including chokes, grabs, punches, kicks, knife, sticks/batons and even firearms. Working with like minded students to develop all the skills you need to defend yourself in the street. Training self defence and building street fighting skills for the purpose of personal safety using dynamic movement and proven combative techniques while increasing self awareness and confidence utilising the bodies natural rhythm and coordination.
8:15pm-8:30pm Krav Maga Advanced Skills A 15 minute session following the main class dedicated to our more advanced students. Training advanced Krav Maga street fighting and restraint techniques

* Drop-in class! Although the class starts at 6:15 students are free to drop into this class as and when they arrive. Simply walk in, sign in and grab some pads/gloves. 10 minutes of striking is better than no striking.

Location Details

Respect Martial Arts Training Centre

1-3 Adelphi St, Radcliffe, Manchester

M26 4ES.(Map)


Class Prices


Your first class is free


Kapap Krav Maga now operates a monthly standing order payment system. For £30 each month students may attend both the Krav-Bo box ft and Kapap Krav Maga classes and later when basic skills have been mastered the Advanced training sessions

For new students there is also a £25.00 joining and membership fee which includes 12 months student to student insurance via NAKMAS

Please note the above standing order plan is based on a 48-week year. There is no contract or cancellation period so students are free to cancel at anytime.


Conditions And Prerequisites


Classes are mixed and are adults only aged 18 and above unless agreed with me prior to a class. Juniors must also have a completed enrolment form with signed permission from parent or guardian.

Student enrolment form must be completed on first session attendance. (Download)

After 1 free welcome session students are required to join the club paying the appropriate fee of £25.00 for membership and insurance (£15.00 renewable annually)

If you are an absolute beginner and require an extra confidence booster try my 1 hour basic Kapap Krav Maga Induction

Feel free to contact me

Tony Bradley

Mobile 07957 624399

Email me at kravmaga@kmsd.co.uk